Home Hygiene

Domestos can help you maintain an efective and germ-free home care routine. Follow these rules:

14. ILLNESS IN THE HOME: Prevent germs from spreading by cleaning surfaces that are touched i.e. floors, door handles and taps with diluted Domestos.

15. PLASTIC GARDEN FURNITURE: To remove ingrained dirt & restore original colour, wash with diluted Domestos, rinse & allow to dry.

16. CUT FLOWERS: Add a few drops of Domestos to keep the water in your vase of flowers clean and odourless. Your flowers will remain fresh for longer.

17. DRAINS & WASTE PIPES: To eliminate bad odours, squirt Domestos down the drain, leave for 10 minutes and flush with water.

18. PATHS & PATIOS: To remove unsightly moss and leaf stains wash over with diluted Domestos. Leave for 10 minutes and wash away.

19. PLAY PENS: Wash plastic parts with diluted Domestos, rinse and allow to dry.

20. CHILDREN'S PLASTIC TOYS: Wipe with diluted Domestos, rinse well and allow to dry.

21. PETS KENNELS & FOOD BOWLS: To keep hygienic, wipe down with diluted Domestos, leave for 10 minutes, rinse well & dry.

22. EXTERIOR RUBBISH BINS: To get rid of stains, smells and germs, squirt Domestos around walls of bin, leave for 10 minutes and simply rinse off.

23. BRICKWORK: Wash with diluted Domestos, rinse well and allow to dry.

24. GARAGE FLOORS & DRIVEWAYS: Scrub with diluted Domestos to help remove grease and oil stains.

25. NAPPIES: To remove stains from white nappies, soak overnight in diluted Domestos. Rinse well, then launder.

26. BABY'S CHANGING MAT: Wipe over with diluted Domestos, rinse well and dry.

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