Kitchen Hygiene

The kitchen really is a germ's playground, with so many places to live and breed. Domestos can help keep your kitchen clean. Follow these golden rules:

27. KITCHEN DISHCLOTHS & SPONGES: Add a squirt of Domestos to rinse water, allow to soak, rinse well and allow to dry.

28. STAINED CUPS & CROCKERY: Stubborn stains are easily removed, simply soak in diluted Domestos, rinse & allow to dry.

29. WORKTOPS & BENCHES: Wipe over worktops and benches with diluted Domestos then dry.

30. CHOPPING BOARDS: To eliminate stains, smells and germs, wipe with Domestos, leave for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

31. PLASTIC CONTAINERS: Stubborn stains are easily removed simply by soaking in diluted Domestos, rinse and allow to dry.

32. KITCHEN BIN: Wipe bin thoroughly with diluted Domestos, leave for 10 minutes, rinse and allow to dry.

33. KITCHEN SINKS: Wipe over with diluted Domestos and rinse well.

34. REFRIGERATORS: Wipe over inside surfaces and the seal with diluted Domestos then dry thoroughly.

35. WASTEPIPES & DRAINS: To help strip grease and remove foul smells, squirt Domestos into the plughole and leave for 20 minutes then rinse well.

36. TILED & VINYL FLOORS: To remove germs and clean floors, mop with diluted Domestos.

37. KITCHEN CUPBOARDS: Wipe over with diluted Domestos. Leave doors open to allow cupboards to dry.

38. KITCHEN UTENSILS: Clean with diluted Domestos then rinse well under cold water.

39. GLASS VASES: Add a few drops of Domestos into a glass vase, fill with water and allow to stand. Rinse and allow to dry.

40. BABY'S HIGH CHAIR: Wipe over plastic parts with diluted Domestos, rinse well and dry.